happiness is only real

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As a child, whenever I wasn’t playing in the basement or wandering around my neighbour’s roof, we made trips with the Nunki, my father’s Mercedes. I knew the very moment they sold it that someday I’d travel again in one of those and here I am, with Aitor and our home on wheels, preparing another awesome adventure.

Even tough I love meeting new people and get richer with their stories, I consider myself an introverted person, I highly value my personal space and don’t get bothered by silence. Whenever I’ve got free time I love to get lost in a good book, in the cinema, a nice landscape or a good conversation.



As soon as I had the first chance I didn’t hesitate a second. I’m quite a self-taught person, I love looking for tutorials on Youtube or the Internet and learn new things and practice. I believe that if a person does a good use of new technologies can reach whatever he sets his/her mind to.

I truly enjoy cooking, reading, practicing any sort of adventure sports and being near to nature. I always carry my camera to take some pictures or make a video.

the road trip that changed our life

In 2015 we bought our Peugeot Boxer with the idea of converting it and traveling by van whenever we had holidays. In the summer of 2016, without anything else rather than an old mattress and a camping gas, we went on a road trip to the south of Spain and Portugal. After that trip there was no continuing as always, it marked a new chapter in our life. Going back to the same as always and being ok with only a few free days a year so you can try to disconnect? No way! After having felt all that we felt, the freedom, complete control over our life, peacefulness and full connection with both ourselves and our surrounding. We simply couldn’t ignore that something had changed inside us.
We were following all those Instagram accounts of people living on the road, they looked so happy with the few things they had, living day by day as it came. If they could do it, why not us?

We started our conversion as soon as we came back from Portugal but not anymore thinking about short trips while on holidays, it was decided, we were moving in the van full-time. All the interior of the van is distributed, designed and built by us, we wanted a functional space in which we could feel at home.

We are sure that we are leaving the moment we have our project working, but not everything’s only converting a van and setting off, not unless the money magically flows from your pockets. We need to make money while we travel but the question was how were we going to do so? We both are restless, creative and curious, we complement each other’s abilities pretty well, we are a good team (even though sometimes we want to kill each other!) so we decided to make a creative studio and work from the van, as well as creating guiding content about our lifestyle that could help the van dwellers community.

It’s been a pretty intense year, we’ve decided on departing by the ending of next summer as tops. We’ve learned so many new things that never thought we would end up mastering and we are truly anxious to share them with you! We’ve got frustrated, we’ve laughed, and we’ve even cried but above all, we are enjoying it. This trip has just started, will you join it?




On the one hand it is a platform on which we want to reflect and promote our nomadic lifestyle and how we afford to live with our creative studio, as well as providing guiding content about our lifestyle that could help the van dwelling community.


The Vaneffect Creative Studio is our nomad design and publicity studio from which we provide our clients with a fresh and creative personal identity for both their business and their products through design, web, video, and photography.

We know that converting a van is a challenge and most of us has absolutely no idea on how to begin. We started from 0, just like you. We want to help you build the van that you’ve always dreamt of. Through our personal experience, with all of what we’ve learnt by making mistakes and the testimonies we gathered from other van dwellers that are, like us, following their dreams on the road. We are living in the 21st century and you don’t need anything more than a laptop and a wifi connection to be able to make a living. We do it, and we want to help you do it too.
Everything’s got a starting point, we all doubt and we all fear. But we don’t let those fears numb us, we are active and challenges makes us be better day by day.

We aren’t any different from you, we were afraid to change, to leave the way of the majority and jump into something different, an alternative lifestyle that we are now sure, will be a great adventure.


We’ve dared to take the step

will you do it as well?


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